Office Supplies

 Autograph bill of lading triplicate N313 / 333 PEPICO 13x19 cm
FELLOWES P4 9-sheet cross cutter 0.4x3.5 cm document shredder
 Magnetic board LEGAMASTER Premium 60x90 cm
DAHLE 22084 25LT P3 8-sheet cross cut document shredder 0.4x0.45 cm
 Working hours and overtime modification book N393A / 801 25x2 PEPICO sheets 30x43 cm
Autographic delivery note triplicate N268A / 613 PEPICO with 50 sheets 17x25 cm
 DAHLE 22312 26LT P4 14-sheet cross cut document shredder 0.43x3.7 cm
 DAHLE 22114 28LT P3 10-sheet cross cutter 0.4x0.48 cm
Portable screen with tripod 135 '' 1: 1 BRATECK PSDB135 240x240 cm
 Autograph delivery note duplicate N267A / 612 PEPICO with 50 sheets 17x25 cm
Manual wall / ceiling screen 108 '' 16: 9 BRATECK ESAA108 240x135 cm
 Ceiling projector base with ROLINE extension

Βάση projetor οροφής με προέκταση ROLINE

Χαμηλή Διαθεσιμότητα